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Les stages de cuisine en


Welcome to the farm where Potofayol Maryline and Eric welcome you in a friendly atmosphere and Warm...
Stages et cours de cuisine en Dordogne. Cuisinez des produits du terroir dans une ambiance conviviale au coeur d'un village ensoleille, au milieu du périgord noir

Guest Farm and breakfast in the Dordogne in our house that overlooks a courtyard like the old farms Périgord.
Located in the countryside, in the center of Périgord, Farm Potofayol, offers today's table cottages in the Dordogne. If the program "relaxation, nature, sports, gastronomy and discovery" is to your liking, come take a look at the side of us, for one night, a meal, or a week.

guest rooms in Perigord with a capacity of 6 to 8 people.


table cepes conserves